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Cellucor M5 Extreme Review

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M5 cellucor

M5 cellucor


I am in no way affiliated with Cellucor or any of its affiliates.  This review is my own opinion.

Cellucor is the company behind M5 Extreme.  They became one of the top supplement manufactures recently with the success of their concentrated pre-work out product C4 Extreme.  I also tried c4 Extreme, but I wasn’t as happy with that product as I was with the M5 Extreme.

What is M5 Extreme?

Cellucor M5 is a pre workout supplement with a twist.  Usually, pre work supplements have 2 components. This first is a combination of stimulants and the other is designed to support the remainder of your workout.  However, with M5, instead of giving you a powder with these 2 components combined, they separate each components into its own compartment within the package so you get to decide how much of each you want to take. Of course there is a recommended serving of each, but you get to create your own balance each day.  Pretty cool.

But does it work?

M5 does work.   The stimulants in the IGNITE compartment is Beta Alanine, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Niacinamide, Folic Acid, Pyridoxal -5-phosphate and Vitamin B12.  I can definitely say it will ignite your workouts.  It intensified my work out and kept me focused on my work out.    Sometimes I wondered where all my energy was coming from.   They key for me with this product was that even on my last day taking the product I could feel it working for me. Sometimes with some supplements,  my body just gets used to it and I don’t feel the effects of it anymore.  Not with M5. Each day I took it, I was able to last longer and go harder with my boxing and push more weight. The second compartment , the BUILD, contains the real stuff of the product.  In the BUILD compartment you’ll find creatine, leucine, beta alanine, arginine, betaine, citrulline and grape seed extract.  These ingredients help build muscle, endurance and antioxidants.

Separating the compartments allows Cellucor to separate itself from the competition. Frankly no one else is doing this, at least at the time of this writing.  So if you wanted to work out at night, you could just take from the BUILD compartment and not worry about being so jacked up at night where you wouldn’t be able to sleep.  On the reverse, if you felt a bit tired, you could take a bit more from the IGNITE compartment to make it through you workout.

How does it taste?

I got the Fruit Punch flavored M5 and it tasted “OK”. Meaning, I was able to mix it pretty easily in a cup of water and just chug it.    It mixed pretty well compared to some of the other pre workout supplements I tried.

Would you take it again?

Totally.  This product works as advertised.  You can’t argue with that.




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