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Fan Victor – Fantasy Sports Plugin for WordPress and PHPFox Review

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Fan Victor Review

Fantasy Sports Plugin for WordPress and PHPFox (Premium Version)


A revolutionary new product is about to hit the market. If you’re into Fantasy Sports and an entrepreneur, then keep  reading.

The Fantasy Sports industry is about to hit $4 Billion by 2016 according to Forbes Magazine.  It seems Fantasy Sports is everywhere these days. Fantasy Sports websites are making millions. Since 2006, there have been quite a few sites to capitalize on this growing trend. 2006 is the year that the United States basically legalized Fantasy Sports websites. You need technical knowledge and about $25,000 to create your own Fantasy Sports site.  Well, all that is about to change.  Say Hello to Their product: A Fantasy Sports Plugin for WordPress and PHPFox.

Its a brilliant idea.  For $100 a month you not only get all the game and player stats, (which alone are anywhere from $750 – $10,000 a month) you also get a plugin which installs into WordPress or PHPFox in minutes.  The plugin gives you all the functionality you need to administer and operate a Fantasy Sports website.  No technical knowledge needed.  This plugin has all the standard pages that you would see in any Fantasy Sports site.  It has a Lobby block where users can view a list of contests and click on any of them to join.  From there users can enter their picks and click Submit. Thats it!  Users can even watch in real time as they climb the leader board during live events.  As for the site owners, they get to set a rake per pool.  So they decide how much they want to make.  On top of that,  site owners can also make money by the credit system. It comes with a built in credit system, where users can buy and sell credits at an exchange rate. There isn’t anything on the market like this. This is a completely open source fantasy module that just works and is designed to make the site owner money.

All major and professional sports supported:

Big 6:
College Basketball, College Football, National Basketball Association (NBA), Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), Friendly Internationals

World Cup, Italian Serie A, Eng. Premier League, Spanish Liga Primera, Champions League, Friendly Internationals, Euro Championship

UFC, Bellator, Dream, XFC, One FC, Invicta, Legacy FC, Cage Warriors, MFC, World Series of Fighting, RFA

This module is completely open source. This allows the site owner to make any source code changes.  You can modify the templates, the API calls, etc.  Its very flexible.

The installation Process.
I went to and purchased the plugin.  I was able to download it instantly.  I then followed the standard PHPFox plugin installation procedure to install it.  I simply uploaded the files to my site.  Then in the PHPFox adminCP I clicked on install and Voila!

After installation, I started to configure the plugin.  You can select which sports you want on your site. So if you’re just a football site, then you just select football.  If you want to do an all sport site, then select all sports.  Its that simple. It comes pre-populated with recommended settings, which were perfect for me. I just need to add my PayPal account so money would come to my account when users deposited funds.  Very important if you plan on making money with this plugin.

It took me about 10 minutes to get it installed and configured the way I wanted it.  After that I was up and running and able to create my own custom pools, teams, fighters and enter my own results.  The admin panel is super easy and all the options have very detailed explanations of what each option actually does.

Although I didn’t have any issues installing or configuring the product, I pretended like I did so I could test their support process. boasts a 24 hour email support system.  So I had to test that.  Sure enough, within a few minutes I was able to receive support.

How it works:
The plugin is nothing more than a client that connects to’s central server to obtain all the stats.  The stats are pulled down and displayed on the site.  All the heavy lifting of getting game and player data, updating the scores, calculating points and money are all processed on’s central server.  So your site isn’t doing any hard work at all.  Once the points and money are all calculated, then the plugin will pull down the data and display it.  Its so simple.

I highly recommend this product. It has the potential to be a game changer.  Now anyone can enter into this high active market with VERY little barrier to entry.  I mean, for $100 a month to operate a fully automated online business in the biggest sports niche today is absolutely insane!  Start making money today using this awesome tool!

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