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Des Boodram


It’s no secret that the Fantasy Sports Industry has come under a great deal over scrutiny over the years, which has increased with the still growing popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). There’s no reason to place a great deal of scrutiny on the industry as a whole, instead it’s more necessary to help critics understand why playing fantasy sports is about more than just the sport itself. A clear understanding of this would likely sway even the harshest critics off their stance and possibly into participation.

The Industry growth has leveled off year over year but has still more than tripled to over $57M since 2006. With the average player spending over $550 per year on fantasy sports I’m no mathematician but that’s over $31B people are spending in just the U.S. and Canada. More women are playing fantasy spots than ever, in fact over 1/3 of that $57M are women, and no this community isn’t bored with too much time on their hands, over 66% of the demographic is college educated. With the average player being 38.5 years of age, it’s good to know I have a few prime years left, but at the end of the day regardless of you feel, this industry is strong, and not going anywhere. In fact the Industry as a whole caters way too much human nature to outright ignore. The chances are, especially if you’re a sports fan that you are in close relations with someone who not just play, but commits to fantasy sports as a full-blown hobby. There are almost too many human elements to list, but social usually tops the list for most players. There is a strong power and control element that should be factored in and healthy competition is generally welcomed. For many it makes watching their favorite sport more interesting, and why wouldn’t it.

This is why sites like FanDuel and DraftKings though being beacons for the industry along with sites like Yahoo, ESPN and CBS that host traditional fantasy sports platform will likely share the driver seats with revolutionary sites like are likely to earn to large part of the fantasy pie in the next few years. Fan Victor works because it engages a portion of an already large demographic that overflows to a wide age, gender and economic range. The demographic is huge, but a high percentage of it wants nothing more to have more power, more control, more competition and more fun. At an individual can create their own customized fantasy sports site with a completely automated turnkey solution that allows the users to make money. Calling your own shots has never been easier, and Fan Victor gives anyone who has ever wanted to run their own site the opportunity to do so doing all the heavy lifting. The ultimate fantasy sports plug in the next big thing, but the folks at Fan Victor have been around for years. Whether you are a fantasy sports enthusiast or a soon to be enthusiast is reshaping how you will do fantasy sports and I think you will like it.

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