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4 Ways to Avoid a Penalty from Google

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In case you didn’t know, Google penalizes websites based on Google’s search algorithms and manual review process.  It has a negative impact on a site’s search ranking.  So to avoid these penalties, online marketers are doing whatever they can to avoid such penalties.  I am going to explain how to avoid these penalties.  The idea from Google is that web site owners must use honest and truthful tactics to get better search rankings.  Essentially ensuring a high quality of site is shown to the user as they search for keywords. Below are six ways to avoid such penalties from Google:


1.  Don’t Overload your Keywords (Also known as keyword stuffing)

A lot of marketers think that the more frequent a keyword is used on a site, they better it will rank. This is simply not true.  Use keywords sparingly and strategically in your content.  This includes your content, title, tags and description.   Its all about getting the search engines to figure out what your site is all about.  So in summary, if you overload or stuff your keywords into your content, you will get penalized from Google.  Overloading/stuffing keywords is considered a black hat tactic.


2. Build real backlinks

If Google detects that you are buying backlinks to your site, you will get penalized.  This is also known as a black hat tactic.  Grow your backlinks in an organic way. Usually, other site owners will backlink to sites with similar content or at least in the same niche.  Not always, but usually.  The idea here is that Google expects links to be shared with users that actually want to read or share other links that have value.   Stay away from companies that promise hundreds of backlinks to your site.  These sites are probably already blacklisted and being affiliated with them will get your blacklisted as well.


3.  Don’t duplicate content

You will get penalized if you duplicate content just for the sake of creating content.  The best way to create value for your users is to create new fresh content.  It needs to be unique. This can be anything from a page about your company or even an offer.  A safe page can include your brand or product page.  Duplicating content just for the sake of creating content is considered a black hat tactic.


4.  Fix any broken links

This is an easy one.  Make sure your site does not have any broken links.  Go through your site or use an online tool to do so.  Most of them are free these days.  Remove or fix any broken links that don’t actually lead to anywhere or that lead to content that is not relevant.  Broken links on your site will cause you to be penalized.

Thanks for reading.  Hopefully your site will not get penalized from Google. Follow these 4 simple rules and you should be OK.

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