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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Pitch Page

Five Mistakes Vendors should avoid on their pitch pages

The key to driving more sales is to have a large number of affiliates promote your product.  Every successful internet marketer knows this.

I am going to outline the five biggest mistakes internet marketers make when designing their Pitch Page.  These five mistakes vendors make actually hurt their chances of attracting affiliates to help assist promote their product.

1) Accepting non-commission forms of payment.
Affiliates will simply NOT promote your product if a vendor accepts multiple types of payments.  For example, if your product is on ClickBank, then stick to the ClickBank checkout process so the affiliates always get a commission. If for example, a vendor accepts mail in purchases, then there is no way to track who the refer is and the affiliate will not get paid.  Affiliates look for this before promoting a product.  So always make sure your affiliates always get paid.

2) Promoting an Affiliate Program on the Pitch Page
Don’t advertise your affiliate program on your pitch page. Its too easy for the visitor to become an affiliate and then purchase your product with their affiliate link.  This essentially bypasses the affiliate level commission. Affiliates will NOT promote your product if you promote your affiliate program on your pitch page.  It is actually better to put the affiliate sign up link in small text in the footer of the sales page.  Simple but effective in attracting affiliates.

3) Poor design that results in low conversions
This is absolutely one of the biggest mistakes a vendor can make.  Its all about converting your visitors into buyers. Your sales page should be optimized for getting the best conversion rate possible. Affiliate need to know that if they send traffic your way, they are going to get paid.  Here are are few basic things to know:

– Overall look and feel. Your page or site needs to be clean, professional and fast.  Do some research on the type of site you have, like membership and see what methods convert the best.

– Awesome sales copy.  This is your only chance to convince your visitor that your product is what they are looking for or that they need.  Your sales copy needs to be first class.  Worth investing in.

– Keep it simple.  Keep your site simple.  Too many links don’t convert as well. It causes confusion and information overload.

Show Call To Action. Make sure you have plenty of calls to action on your page.  At any page when a visitor is ready to buy, the BUY NOW button needs to be apparent to them. They should NOT have to search for a BUY button.  Be sure not to over do it as it may give the wrong message.

4) Placing Ads or external links on your page
Ah Hello? Do you want a sale or not?  Why would you divert your visitor somewhere else.  This is a big no no. Don’t stuff your page with ads or other offers.  No point in sending traffic your way if you’re just going to send it else where.  Keep the visitor on your page and focused on your product.  If a visitor clicks on ad or buys another offer, it bypasses the affiliate level commission. Affiliates won’t send traffic your way if they feel they can risk losing a commission.

5) Not offering Upsells.
Affiliates love upsells and recurring products. Its an opportunity to maximize their profits with a single visitor.  The more money an affiliate can make from your product, the more aggressive and active affiliates you’ll get to promote your product.

There you have it, the five biggest mistakes vendors make when designing their Pitch Page. Avoid these five mistakes and you could be well on your way to attracting the most savage affiliates to assist in promoting your product.  Treating affiliates like the true partners they are will have a huge impact on sales.

Good Luck

All of this and more was taught to me by ClickGet.Net

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